Katie Taylor, Imelda May & Graham Canty

I photographed Katie, Imelda and Graham in De Studio in Donnybrook. They were all taking part in a TV ad on the same day, so I did not have much time with each of them. It was a pleasure working with all of them. Katie is a hero of mine, and she's a really lovely and down-to-earth person. Imelda is an amazingly talented singer, and is a great character, absolutely crazy and super fun. I had photographed Graham before, and even though he captained Cork to an All-Ireland victory since the last time, he was still a true gent and a great ambassador for gaelic football.

The Search for Water in Kenya

I travelled to Kenya in November to take photographs for Trócaire's Christmas 2010 Global Gifts campaign. We visited the Enziu River in Maatini village, Kitui, which is about 100km east of the capital, Nairobi. As it was the dry season, people (mostly women) came here from miles around to fill jerrycans with water for their homes, and some to sell also. To get the water, they had to collect from a hole dug in the sandy river bed. I was amazed that, in these times of advanced technology, such primitive techniques are still being used by so many people to get what is most essential for our survival- water.

Water is one of the 9 life-saving Global Gifts, which you can get on Trócaire's website-

People gather to collect water at the dried-up Enziu River in Maatini village, Kitui, about 100km east of Kenya's capital, Nairobi.

Women collect water from a hole dug in the dry river bed. This is used as drinking water, as well as for other household and agricultural uses.

Raeli Kabubu carries 20 jerrycans per day, to her home, 2.5 km away, one at a time on her back. She sells 10 jerrycans and uses the rest for her homestead.

Nancy Nzilani Mbuvi is a mother of four. She walks 20km every day to get water.

Women help to load six 20-litre containers on Kamene Kalega's donkeys.

Kamene Kalega takes 4-5 one-hour trips with her donkeys, which can carry 6 cans per trip. She uses the water for her homestead and sells some also.

Curious local women look on.

A Kenyan woman begins another long walk carrying water to her home. During the dry season, a hole dug in the dried Enziu River bed is the only source of water for miles around.

Graham Canty for O2

Congratulations to Cork on winning their first football All-Ireland in 20 years! Here's a portrait that I took of their captain Graham Canty for O2 last year. Graham is a really nice guy, as well as being a great leader on and off the field. Well done to Graham and everyone involved in their success.
Art direction by Dillon McKenna at McConnells.

Women of Nepal

Journalist Siobhan Tanner and I travelled to Nepal to make a project about gender inequality. We interviewed women who have been directly affected by this, some of whom have turned their lives around with the help of various local organizations. Nepal is a country rich in culture and spirituality, and it's diversity of people and geography make it a photographer's paradise. But beneath the beautiful exterior, there lies a dark culture of inequality towards females and members of lower caste communities.

Ful Patpasi and her daughter, Srijana, who are dalit (untouchable).

Sumon Kumar, a child bride, aged 14.

Sante Pattarkatta, who set up a small business with the help of micro-credit.

Muna Mongol, former sex worker.

This dalit lady is learning how to embroider a dress, like the one she is wearing.

Ishwori Baniya, banished from her home after she contracted HIV from her husband. She now is President of an organization helping other females with HIV.

Mannet Nessa with her son Sajira, she receives education on maternity from a local mobile clinic.

This project was funded by the Simon Cumbers Media Challenge Fund.

Tony Quinn Designer Jewellery

I photographed jewellery in Tony Quinn's studio, in the beautiful surroundings of Glendalough in Co. Wicklow. It was a challenging shoot- to do justice to these contemporary designs with an array of colourful stones, created with skilled craftmanship. These photographs are for Tony's
website which is in production.

Tony Quinn Designer Jewellery (086) 848 8540

World Cup Trophy Tour

I was asked to photograph the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour in Belfast and Dublin by Platinum One Group. As it was my boyhood dream to lift this trophy, I thought I might finally get the chance. But unfortunately only formers winners and Heads of State can lift the solid gold trophy. Still, it was amazing to see it up close- it's more impressive in reality, and also I got the chance to meet two of my boyhood heros- Pat Jennings and Paul McGrath. I also met and photographed Italy legend and Rep. of Ireland assistant manager Marco Tardelli. He won the World Cup with Italy in '82, so he can lift the trophy.

Dublin Cityscapes

In March 2010 I photographed some cityscapes in Dublin. There's great light at this time of year, both at sunrise and sunset.

Trócaire in Rwanda

In February 2010 I travelled to Rwanda with Trócaire to take photographs for their 2010 Lenten campaign, which focused on hunger. I was amazed at how much the country had progressed since the terrible genocide of 1994. While poverty is still a major issue there, most of the racial hatred that led to the genocide seems to have gone, and it is also one of the least corrupt countries in Africa. It's hard to believe that it's only 16 years since the atrocity which claimed the lives of up to 1 million innocent lives. The people are warm, friendly, and well educated, and the lush, undulating landscape gives rise to it's nickname as the Land of a Thousand Hills.

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Trócaire's website is www.trocaire.org