Ireland Homeless World Cup team

This is a project for an group exhibition called InFocus, which helped raise awareness of and raise money for the homeless in Ireland.

I photographed a group of young Irish men who are preparing to travel to Paris to represent Ireland at the Homeless World Cup, from 21st to 28th August 2011. To qualify to play in this competition the players must have lived in emergency accommodation at some stage in the past year. These men are using sport as the positive catalyst they need to help get their lives back on track. They are an example to us all.

I met photographed the players and staff at a presentation ceremony in the Mansion House, and also at their training centre in Dublin city.

Murderous Pirate Scum

I took some photos of a few friends who play in a 5-a-side soccer league. Their team name is Murderous Pirate Scum and they had these jerseys designed incorporating the jolly roger. I used a Photoshop technique called the Dragan Effect to increase the dramatic effect of the portraits.

Tesco 1000

This shoot took place in Ardmore Studios, Bray, in March. I was taking stills photographs for an ad, which was used in-store, in press, on bus sides, bus shelters and billboards. There was a crew shooting it for a TV ads also, which made it a tricky shoot as you don't get as much time as you would like to set up. But it worked out well in the end.
I took some of these 'behind-the-scenes' photographs to show some of the production of the shoot. And the last 2 photographs, below, are of the final ad and how it looked on a bus in Dublin.
Art Direction by Dillon McKenna at McConnells.

Mozambique portraits

I photographed these members of an Emergency Response Association in the Govuro region of Mozambique. Each member of the association has a specific job to do in the case of a cyclone emergency. TrĂ³caire work alongside local organizations to help educate and support local communities to deal with the threat of cyclones.

Natalia Barira Ndakambayi (45) and Joaquim Antonio Ngueta (30) with megaphones and a bicycle which are use to warn the local community of an imminent cyclone.

Mario Jasse Natal (39) with a kerosene lamp.

Adelaide Josel (22) and baby Altenina Jone with cards used to educate people about what to do in the event of flooding.

Joao Jeque (40) listens to a wireless radio, where local radio stations give up-to-date weather forecasts with cyclone warnings.

Gina Antonio Mandima (35), leader of the association, uses a machete cut back fallen trees and branches.