Women of Nepal

Journalist Siobhan Tanner and I travelled to Nepal to make a project about gender inequality. We interviewed women who have been directly affected by this, some of whom have turned their lives around with the help of various local organizations. Nepal is a country rich in culture and spirituality, and it's diversity of people and geography make it a photographer's paradise. But beneath the beautiful exterior, there lies a dark culture of inequality towards females and members of lower caste communities.

Ful Patpasi and her daughter, Srijana, who are dalit (untouchable).

Sumon Kumar, a child bride, aged 14.

Sante Pattarkatta, who set up a small business with the help of micro-credit.

Muna Mongol, former sex worker.

This dalit lady is learning how to embroider a dress, like the one she is wearing.

Ishwori Baniya, banished from her home after she contracted HIV from her husband. She now is President of an organization helping other females with HIV.

Mannet Nessa with her son Sajira, she receives education on maternity from a local mobile clinic.

This project was funded by the Simon Cumbers Media Challenge Fund.