RTÉ - Firefighters (tv show)

I was asked by Moondance Productions to photograph some firefighters for an upcoming reality TV Show on RTÉ. This was an interesting project to work on as the firefighters were great characters and they didn't mind getting mucked up for the photographs!

This is the image used on a website and online to promote the 'Firefighters' TV show.

I used a photo processing technique called the Dragan Effect to add drama and contrast to the portraits.

Oxfam Ad

On a cold and foggy Sunday morning in February we set out to the Wicklow Mountains to shoot an ad for Oxfam Ireland-

This is the final ad as it appeared on bus shelters around Dublin city. Blue skies and happy hikers!

The skies weren't so blue earlier in the day though ...

The team of hikers who were excellent 'models' for the day, and art director John Dwyer from Ask Direct.

The final ad also appeared on Liberty Hall, one of Ireland's tallest buildings.